Features engineering , training and testing machine learning models and hyperparameters tuning can be very fun and exciting. However, most of the time, especially if you are doing data science for business, people are interested not just in pure model output but in understanding how the model made this decision. This is where we try to plot feature importance, do shap values or some fancier methods of interpreting the model. These efforts can be game changer when it comes to increasing trust in machine learning models and increasing addoption rate in your organization.

Going even step further, besides asking how…

CSSAP Fellowship at Rice University

In the past few years, many of my friends approached me for a piece of advice on how to find, apply, and get a research fellowship in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This an attempt to structure and present this answer to a wider audience!

In this blog, I will share my brief experience and thorough thoughts on the how to apply and get a research opportunity. In addition to that, I will list links to all applications I am familiar with, and feel free to add your own in the comments.

Real trail is made by digging away the bush wood, not by gazing through already paved paths.

Since really early age, encouraging women was quite important topic for me. I become extremely passionate about it, especially when I recognized many mechanisms of self doubt or lower confidence in myself. My luck was I’ve realized at some point, I just love solving problems, especially math and science ones. …

What will Bitcoin do

When asked what the stock market will do, J.P Morgan replied “It will fluctuate.”. If we could hypothetically ask Mr Morgan another question, very popular these days, I bet his answer would be “It will fluctuate a loot”.

Of course, the question is about the most hyped thing these days after Deep Learning:

What will Bitcoin do?

SmartCat team answers that question with mathematical precision, so by the second paragraph you will start trading and by the end of the post, you will be rich. :)

And by the beginning of this sentence, you’ve probably realized I was joking.


It was four in the morning. I was looking at the laptop backpack full of shoes and clothes, thinking if air company would allow me to bring that in the plane. Lyft driver was waiting for us while the rain was becoming heavy. My summer sneakers were almost all wet, but I only cared to get to the airport on time, hoping we hadn’t forgotten anything important like passport or tickets, booked only couple hours ago.

I came to States as research fellow at Rice University in Houston, hoping I will dive into serious academic work and move frontier of…

Ljubica Vujovic

Math and coffee lover, passionate for data science and encouraging girls in STEM

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